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Nutrition Library

General Information: Check out the information on this page to help you live a healthier life with good nutrition practices! The information provided on this page is for general information purposes only and should not be construed as a replacement for medical advice from your primary care physician (read disclaimer here). The information sheets are from Nutrition411 ( and are PDF documents. If you do not have Adobe PDF viewer, you can download it for free here.

Diet: Check out these nutrition information sheets on how to have a healthy diet and get the nutrients your body needs!

Bone Health: Looking beyond Calcium (PDF)
Iron: Are you getting enough? (PDF)

Diseases and disorders:Check out these nutrition information sheets on some of the diseases society faces. Though they have great information remember that they do not replace information from your medical doctor.

Blood Pressure: What you need to know (PDF)
Can a healthy diet treat osteoporosis? (PDF)
Cancer: Strategies to improve nutrition during treatment (PDF)
Chemotherapy and nutrition (PDF)
COPD and lung health (PDF)
Depression and diet (PDF)
Diabetes (PDF)
Dialysis and Nutritional Care (PDF)
Dietary guidelines following a stroke (PDF)
Diverticular disease and diet (PDF)
Fibromyalgia and Diet (PDF)
Food Addication or Binging Disorder (PDF)
Gout (PDF)
HIV/AIDS guide for nutrition (PDF)
Hyper- and Hypothyroidism (PDF)
Inflammation and diet (PDF)
Inflammatory bowel disease (PDF)
Interstitial Cystitis and diet (PDF)
Irritable bowel syndrome (PDF)
Kidney stones (PDF)
Lactose Intolerance (PDF)
Metabolic Syndrome therapy (PDF)
Migraine headaches and diet (PDF)
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (PDF)
Orthorexia Nervosa (PDF)
Osteoarthritis and diet (PDF)
Parkinson's disease (PDF)
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and diet (PDF)
Premenstrual Syndrome and diet (PDF)
Rheumatoid arthritis and nutrition (PDF)
Urinary tract infections and cranberry (PDF)

Other information: Check out these additional handouts on nutrition

Morning sickness during pregnancy (PDF)
Pregnancy and Vitamin D (PDF)
Pregnancy, lactation and Omega-3 (PDF)
Diet myths that will not die! (PDF)