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Interactive Nutrition Education: Using the service Voice Thread you can learn about nutrition education in a fun and interactive way. This service requires you to recieve an invitation from me to a Voice Thread presentation. Using this service you can ask questions and interact with me regarding questions that you have regarding specific nutrition topics (available soon).

Nutrition Education Presentations: These free nutrition education presentations have been developed to help people learn the basics about nutition and how to apply the information to their daily lives (available soon).

Online Nutrition Counseling
Don't have time to visit a dietitian in person? No worries! You can meet with me in an online environment and still get the counseling that you desire. Just click the hyperlink above to find out more about our service! (this service will be available soon)

Worksite Wellness Coordination
Did you know that unhealthy employees can cost your company money? If you would like to make your company a healthier work environment just check out our services! (this service will be available soon)

Diet/Menu Analysis
Nutrication offers a diet analysis for individuals and a menu analysis for restaurants and other food establishments. Click on the link above to find out more about how we can help you!

Online Store Check out our online store for some fun items that will let the world know that you care about nutrition!

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